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Grand Rapids Rehabilitation Stories

Stories of those who have been in the Grand Rapids ARC.


Beneficiary Tom B.
01 April 2017
I was drinking on a daily basis and using drugs just to feel normal...
Eric C.
19 January 2017
My life was a constant lie. I had to cover up everything I did or said...
Beneficiary A.J.
12 August 2016
I isolated myself from the world with only one thing on my mind, my addiction...
Dave M.
12 July 2016
I was bouncing from Job to Job. I could not even hold down a job for anytime...
Montreal H.
01 May 2016
Beneficiary of March 2016
Jeff T.
05 April 2016
I was drinking and smoking crack on a daily bases. My life was a mess...
01 February 2016
My addiction had made me feel like I was riding a Ferris wheel. Riding it around and around waiting to get off, but when it would stop...
Ali J.
23 July 2015
I'm from a small tourist town with not a lot to do, so at age 16 I started to live the party life...


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