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Montreal H.

Beneficiary of March 2016

Beneficiary of the Month

Montreal H. 

     My life was entangled in sin. Alcoholism had totally dominated my actions to the extent that everything I did and everywhere I went there had to be drinking. As the drinks kept coming, so did the drugs. Before I knew it, I was powerless. My life was no longer manageable. 

     I heard about The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) from several people and even looked it up online, but my pride would not let me take the next step. Through several experiences, God made himself known to me, but again I kept drifting away and could not understand why. When I was at the point of losing EVERTHING, I thankfully made it into the ARC. 

     I have learned so much here at the ARC from the clothing line, trucks, docks, and now at the front desk. The staff and beneficiaries have also been very encouraging. I now look back on my life and know why I kept drifting. I placed more focus on the external than I did the internal parts of my life. Since coming, I have gained much greater awareness of my internal strengths and weaknesses through my experiences here at the ARC.

     I now look forward to getting a stable job to help support my twin children. They are after all, my first and most important ministry. I also see a real need in the community and believe that God wants me to utilize what I've learned to minister to my neighbors. I just want to say thank you, and God bless everyone that has and continues to help those in need including me. 

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