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Beneficiary A.J.

I isolated myself from the world with only one thing on my mind, my addiction...

Beneficiary of the Month

A. J. 

     I isolated myself from the world with only one thing on my mind, my addiction. Everything I did was to continue my addictive ways. I gave my money, responsibilities...I was giving everything to my top priority of the next fix. This attitude ended up placing me in Jail where a judge heard my story and decided I should enter The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC). Between jail and the restriction period here at the ARC, I had not communicated with my family for six months, but when the restriction period lifted I did have a chance to speak with my mother.


     While here at the ARC, my way of thinking has changed and I have turned my life over to God. I have spent the majority of my work therapy on the docks, where I learned to cooperate with others and just plain working a job. I thank The Salvation Army for the opportunity to find God again, taking on responsibility, and giving me tools for a lifetime of sobriety and learning how to have fun clean. All of this has led to an opportunity to work here for The Salvation Army.


     My primary Goal is to continue to live a life sober. By maintaining a support system and growing my relationship with God, I have no doubt I will achieve my goals.

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